Giving A Dachshund Puppy As A Gift


I’d like to give a Dachshund puppy as a gift (Birthday, Christmas, etc) to someone.


We do not under any circumstances recommend that you obtain a Dachshund as a gift for someone as a surprise. We can not begin to count the number of times that someone ASSURED us that the recipient DID indeed want a Dachshund puppy, only to discover AFTER the dog was obtained that it was not wanted……..or a different color or sex was wanted. Choosing a dog should be as personal as selecting your own underwear! Additionally, no reputable breeder (nor rescue organization) would agree to this type of situation because they would want to personally interview the person who is going to be the caretaker of the dog to ascertain whether or not it is an appropriate home. It would be perfectly permissible to obtain a Dachshund as a gift for a friend or relative as long as it was not a surprise and the recipient was allowed to select their own dog.

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