I Want To Use My Male Dog At Stud.


I want to use my male dog at stud. Can you make any recommendations?


We know that you love your male dachshund and think that he is the most wonderful male dachshund in the world. We ALL think that of our dogs. But there are also very good reasons why your male dachshund would be better as a neutered pet than as a dachshund being used at stud. Dogs that are used at stud are not very nice dogs to live with because they have raging hormones. They sometimes tend to ‘hump’ people, objects and they almost always will mark their territory in the house. It is nearly impossible to stop a dog that has been used at stud from urinating in the house to mark his territory. One of the best ways to prevent a male dog from marking his territory in the house is to have him neutered as a rather young dog.

Additionally, as the owner of a working stud dog the safety, care and responsibility of caring for someone else’s in season bitch is quite a burden. Traditionally the in season female goes to the home of the stud dog which can cause quite an uproar in the household and will definitely increase the marking that the dog will do in your home. Taking care of someone else’s dog, being careful that it doesn’t escape, being sure that it is properly cared for is quite a responsibility. For those of us who have done it we can assure you it is not worth the money.

While the bitch is in your possession it will also be your responsibility to insure that no one other than your stud dog breeds the bitch. Since the fact that the scent of an in season bitch can travel for many miles you in all probability will have many neighboring dogs gathering on your doorstep wanting to come in for a “piece of the action” It’s also not a simple matter of putting your male up in a crate while the in season bitch is in there for visiting because many males have been known to tear right through crates, scream for 24 hours a day and make quite a nuisance of themselves over the fact that there is an in season bitch on the premises. This is not a nice pet to live with at that point in time and once the bitch goes home it takes quite some time for the dog to settle down…and hopefully it will not continue forever.

Sometimes, the bitch and dog need help with the act of breeding. Especially unpleasant is the visiting bitch who is trying to bite you or your male dog and wants NOTHING to do with the entire process. We can assure you that the very best thing for your male dachshund is to be neutered. Additionally neutering helps to decrease the chance of testicular cancer. It also helps to decrease the chance of perianal cysts which is common in older, un neutered male dogs. Contrary to popular opinion, neutering a dog does not make the dog fat. It is usually necessary to decrease somewhat the amount of food that the dog is fed after he has been neutered.

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