Should I spay or neuter my pet Dachshund?


Should I spay or neuter my pet Dachshund?


In our opinion if you are not going to use your dog, whether it is male or female, in a breeding program for the betterment of the breed (not speaking about making puppies to sell but to better the breed as a whole because your dog is a wonderful specimen and has somethng to contribute) it is healthier for all involved to spay or neuter your *best friend* once they have reached maturity.  This is a hotly debated issue, whether to spay before or around 6 months of age or later after maturity has been attained.

One of the reasons for waiting is that the dog can attain his/her full growth potential.  The hormonal surge that occurs anywhere from 4 months to 12 months in either sex actually has many good side effects besides growth.   The surge also helps the puppy attain a bit of confidence that can alleviate some issues.  For instance, those dogs that are submissive piddlers as young puppies frequently have no issues with that problem if they are allowed to go through the puberty phase intact.  This can be a very advantageous change in attitude making for a much more enjoyable life for both dog and owner.

Let’s discuss the housetraining issue of an intact male dog.  The marking behavior of an intact dog is strongly influenced by his hormones and sometimes it is just impossible to enforce training over instinct :(  Once the hormones are out of the dog’s system after neutering, it is a housetraining issue again.  If the behavior has not become an ingrained habit that you have maybe missed catching him in the act because he was quick and *marked* when you weren’t in the room,  many times you will have a completely housetrained boy within several months of surgery.  A big benefit again to boy of you.

With girls, it is the same story for the submissive piddlers.  Once they have been through their first season if they have that issue before hand they frequently do NOT have the issue after their season is finished.  Many breeders recommend spaying several months after the girl is out of season for the optimum in mental stability.  For example, if your girl came in season at 6 months then you should have spayed when she is between 9 and 10 months of age.   That way her hormones have had time to settle down to the base level.


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