Before You Buy A Dog



1. How long have you been involved with this breed? Are you familiar with it’s physical and behavioral traits? Can you tell me about the history of the breed?2. Do you belong to a breed club? Obedience club? Field trial or tracking organization? Do you participate in breed rescue or support their efforts?3. Can you tell me one negative aspect of this breed, even if it is relatively insignificant? Did you take this into consideration when you bred your dog?4. What is your policy toward a dog of your breeding which may someday need to be “returned”?

5. What inoculations do you routinely give your puppies and at what age are puppies released to their new owners? If indicated by breed history, do you x-ray hips, test for congenital deafness, ect.?

6. On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your breed as an all-around “family” dog? Would you describe them as generally outgoing or somewhat reserved?

7. Do you provide any guarantee regarding the general health of the dogs you breed? What is the average life expectancy of this breed?

8. Do you provide any incentives to buyers for spaying/neutering this dog? Do you withhold AKC/UKC registration on pet puppies until proof of the spay/neuter is provided?

9. Could you refer us to someone who has bought a dog from you? Is the sire of this dog in the area, if you do not own him…and, if so, could you arrange for us to see him?

10. What are you hoping to accomplish in your breeding program? Why did you breed this particular litter? Will you be willing to offer advice and help in raising this dog if we have any questions or are uncertain about specific training methods?

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